Thursday, 3 December 2015

Assessment Day 17.11.15

Let's keep things light hearted but honest! So was I nervous? Not really, but I was keen to do well. Having conversed with Geoff James via email and on kiwibiker website, I guessed him to be easy to get along with. I was right.

Won't bore you with all the details of our route, but suffice to say it covered all bases. So what did I not do so well on? Ok, my head checks (or lifesavers depending on your country of origin) had become a little sloppy. Ditto for observing speeds at road works, no defence on my part to suggest the works were short yet the 30 km/h signs went on for what seemed an eternity. As a career driver there's no excuse. It also showed how casual or relaxed my riding had become over time.

Positioning for cornering was reasonable, but pointed out for improvement. Not surprising to be honest, for this was another aspect I could already admit to being in need of improvement before I went out with Geoff.

The funniest comment he made was about my "comfort braking" or just checking my speed prior to a corner. I was aware I was doing it, just not to the extent he pointed out. Thinking back on this afterwards, in absence of regular coaching/training, it's supremely easy to see how I'd gotten so lazy.

The return to a big bike had made my riding lazy to the point I was just loafing along mostly using the torque wave for forward motion, and in the absence of sufficient revs and thus engine braking, just dab the brakes to set the right speed for the corner and then waft along. Nothing like being
reminded of something I should have sussed and sorted much earlier.

Another aspect I was reminded of was positioning behind stationary vehicles at junctions. Again, as a career driver this is basic stuff, and yet on the bike I wasn't doing what I do at work!! Must do better next time.

Overall I'd say this assessment was a fair report, with encouraging words given by Geoff on the positive aspects and pointing out the areas needing improvement for my first "proper" mentored ride.
Needless to say my free time before the first mentored ride was spent working to improve...

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